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FOUNTAIN HOOK (Pudge & Chen)

Pudge Fountain HookI know that most Dota 2 players will know the following Dota 2 strategy. Anyway its a very known and popular strategy and I would feel kind of bad if not starting with this one: The Fountain Hook…

What the Fountain Hook does:

Lets say the enemy Pudge is gonna start to glow slightly blue. And as always in Dota 2, there will come the point when Pudge is gonna hook ur ass and starts pulling. But whooooa that freaking hook just wont stop, NO it will pull you across the whole map; out of the battlefield and right into the enemy fountain. Dota 2 at its finest Bro!

And you are dead.



How the Fountain Hook works:

For this Dota 2 strategy, you will need a Pudge, as well as a nice Chen.

Chen`s ‘Test of Faith’ grants you the ability to buff an allied unit for, depending on the skill’s level, 3 to 6 seconds. After that time, the allied unit is instantly teleported back to base. What happens if the hook is in the air when the teleport happens?

Well the hook continues as norml and if it hits a unit, that unit will be drawn back to pudges actual position in the moment it strikes! ….which will be where? At the fountain. The following fountain damage will usually be enough to kill the enemy off. By using your ultimate you can even ensure that he is not able to run out of your fountain, just in case hes tanky enough. Mostly, the enemy will die and if triggered correctly, a fountain hook means a safe kill for you and your team.

And this is how the Fountain Hook looks ingame:

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