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Slardar Armlet of Mordiggian ToggleTo pull this Dota 2 strategy off, you probably should at least have the Ability to press 2 keys at once w/o crashing to desktop in the process.


What the Armlet of Mordiggian Toggle does:

There is an enemy Chaos Knight running away with about 100 HP left. You and your team chase him down. Lets say a Lifestealer and a Windrunner with no mana left. You keep orbwalking and body blocking like a real pro but every time the health bar of Chaos Knight seems to run empty it suddenly jumps up again to ~10% of his max HP. You end up not getting the kill with the bitter taste of plastic in your mouth…

How the Armlet of Mordiggian Toggle works:

It makes you literally immortal if pulled off properly and given the Fact, they lack a hard nuke to finish you off. If paired up with a good juke you will be able to escape even the stickiest situations with ease. The refreshing feeling you get from knowing you made them all munch on their keyboards is just …satisfying.

For this trick to work you can use any hero and an Armlet of Mordiggian (preferably one who can make good use of the Armlet). If you find yourself running for your life and several enemies bulking up to send you flying you need to have the guts to toggle your Armlet into OFF MODE which leaves you with 1 HP left. As you can see the timing here is crucial because you must not get hit by ANY source of damage at the time you have only 1 HP . If you passed that the hard part is over as you simply reactivate Armlet into ON MODE which gives you +25 Strength equaling 475 HP (1 Point in Strength gives +19 HP) ADDING to you actual HP, so the fun can continue. This move in the hands of a real BOSS can make it next to impossible to kill a hero with only low DMG spells and auto attacks in a chasing scenario.

This is how the Armlet of Mordiggian Toggle looks in-game:

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