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DOTA 2 STRATEGY: The best Guide for Epic Tactics

Here you will find all  unique Dota 2 strategy moves! We want to list you the most unique and mind blowing crazy tactics and moves ever made in Dota 2 history. Were are researching and analyzing Dendi’s newst domination combos and No Tidehunter’s biggest baits. If you are unsure about some terms or words, take a look on our Dota 2 Terms and Definitions Wiki!

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 Armlet (of Mordiggian) Toggle

I’m dead, I’. alive, I’m dead, I’m alive, I…I……I WILL SURVIVE..nanana nana nanana

Have you ever asked yourself: what else is an Armlet of Mordiggian  good to use for?


Fountain Hook

There are many ways of hooking, but this Dota 2 strategy special. Have you ever asked yourself how you could get an insane, absolutely lethal hook? Well..there is a little trick which can be done successfully with a bit of practice and a good timing.


Medusa Jungle: Ancient Farm Trick (Medusa)

This trick will give you a massive boost to your jungle capabilities as Medusa. It explains how to farm ancients at level 1 without even taking a scratch!


Puck Bottle Refill

This Dota 2 Strategy is more something as like a little trick. Dendi’s little special trick to be honest. To be even more exact, its a ‘Dendi and Puppey blowing away mid lane’ trick. Ever been in a bad situation with Puck on the midlane? No strategy works out, the enemy punishes u for every little mistake and rune control seems to be impossible ever to obtain? Then let’s take a fresh bottel refill for free!



Dota 2 Stratgey – Your source for wicked moves!

Dota 2 is unique as a MOBA game as there is no other one with so many tactical and strategical options and combinations as Dota 2 offers. I would like to share the best moves and combos I know with you in order to spread the essence of what makes Dota 2 something special. Have a look to pick your favorite Dota 2 strategy !  By combining special spells and heros with several items it is possible to launch devastating combos. Some famous examples as the fountain hook are mentioned here, but I am sure that you will be able to find guides and strategies you never had heard about before.

What the hell is a fountain hook?

..who is Dendi? What is a freking Tiny toss avalanche combo? If you are asking yourself questions like this. Then this page is the answer. I will research, analyze and explain several sick Dota 2 strategies, so take a look!